Create a profesional looking table without the profession pricetag!

Welcome to Happy Seppuku Model Works, please check out our stamp pages to see images, directions, and tips on the use of our stamps.

In November 2017 we are launching our 4th Kickstarter! This time we are introducing what we consider to be a game changing material called MagRelief. This material is a cloth like flexible material that is 3D textured using designs based off of our stamps. The best part is MagRelief is MAGNETIC RECEPTIVE!!! This means you can skin an object with it and then place magnets on it, like magnets of doors, windows damage markers. Finish playing and you can have a different building the next time. It can be used to make modular walls that can be lined up ANYWHERE along another wall that has been skinned. Secret doors can actually be secret now because the wall has no sign that the door is there.

We will link to the Kickstarter here after the launch, or you can check out the latest updates and live videos on our facebook feed.


Thank you all and as always happy modeling!