So long! And happy modeling!

Sorry you missed us!

Hello if you are here looking for our killer stamps, we regret to inform you that due to personal reasons we had to shut down our stamp production and sales in March of 2019. You can still find some at various hobby shops and though Amazon or Ebay. If you would like to contact us, we have left up our Facebook page and you can reach us through there.

We whole heartedly would like to thank those of you have been with us though this eight year journey that we never expected would take off like it did. Seeing everything you created with our products brought us joy every time whether it was online or talking to you at one of the conventions we attended.


What about Happy Seppuku's future?

To answer the question, we have been getting since we announced the closure; while we are not looking to sell the name, we have been on the look out for someone looking to buy our designs, equipment, and knowledge of how produced our stamp line. If we find someone, we will announce it on our Facebook page.

The website will eventually become a personal portfolio site for Stephen as he looks to transfer his theatre design skills into new adventures. Happy Seppuku was named after a joke backstage about happily sacrificing yourself for the things we love to do……and a bit of boredom that comes with sitting in the wings for hours during rehearsals between scene shifts. In that the company name has become a bit of a personal thing.